High Harpers

Enemy of the Cult of the Dragons, Ally to Lord's Alliance, Ally to Elminster


The High Harpers are a council of powerful individuals who plan the long-term goals of the semi-secret Harper organization. As of 1375 DR the council consists of:

Belhuar Thantarth (chief of the order)
Cylyria Dragonbreast
Dove Falconhand
Obslin Minstrelwish
Storm Silverhand
Bran Skorlsun

Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun and his wife Laeral Silverhand were also members of this council before Khelben split off to form the Moonstars. Alustriel Silverhand was also a High Harper before she resigned from the Harpers (shortly before Khelben & Laeral did).



High Harpers

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