King Obould I Many-Arrows

Orc King based out of Dark Arrow Keep. Chief of the Black Arrow Tribe, ally of the Cult of the Dragon



Obould was a large orc who was intelligent even by human standards. Considering that the blessings bestowed upon him calmed him somewhat he had become able to see things in a far broader perspective than any orc before him. This led to a change in orcish society under his leadership and the founding of Many-Arrows. Obould was known to have four wives and at least eight sons. It was said his only fear was that when he dies his sons will destroy all he has created in their fight to succeed him.


Obould is known to wear a ridged suit of black plate armor that was adorned with numerous spikes and decorations. Obould is also known to own a set of magical boots, which enables him to leave no tracks in the snow, walk on ice without slipping and endure the coldest blizzard without harm. In battle he uses a magical greatsword enchanted to catch fire at will. His black iron crown has four large rubies set into it each of which could generate a large fireball. His main shaman and adviser, Arganth Snarrl, also made him a helmet shaped like a skull with a protective lens of the rare glassteel.



King Obould I Many-Arrows

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